St Patrick Inspired Makeup

Hello my Gorgeous Beauties,

Did you all miss me?? I kept reading and admiring your posts throughout. I am back in blogging, I know I have been away for way too long but seriously it was the holidays first; and then it took so long to settle back in my own ‘home sweet home’, weirdly enough I just realized my heart and soul is still in India(sighhhzzzz). I was so happy and indulged in my routine and my life but after coming back I just realized how much I am missing my family. Well but I am quite back on track now specially my little boy keeping me so busy. I know it will get better. I had a great time catching up with family and friends and to my surprise was showered with awesome and (expensive 😉 ) gifts.

Ok so when I was back I couldn’t help myself from practicing my makeup again and I realized St Patrick’s Day was nearing then so I created two looks, but I am very late to upload it on my blog, I did upload the pictures on my Facebook and Instagram accounts.

So I created this look using the Sleek Makeup Eye Palette ‘ULTRA MATTS V1’



Here is the gorgeous palette and I could not get the right colors in the picture so the pic is from the website


If you like it and would like to create it please follow the instructions and the pictorial….

  • Fill in the eyebrows and prime your lids.
  • Since it is a cut crease, with a black pencil draw a line following your crease just above it. Now blend that line immediately above the crease.
  • Using an eye shadow brush apply eye shadow no 1 on the lid( I used a yellow just because I had it and thought it would make my golden glitters pop, you can also use a golden/ beige or any other metallic color which you think will complement a glittery look.)
  • Then use eye shadow no 3 in the crease and extending it to the lower eyelash line.
  • Now dab the fluffy brush/blending brush with eye shadow no.3, blend color well extending on the outside.
  • Add a little glitter glue on your eyelids and in a patting motion put some glitters under the crease we had created before. You can totally go back to tidy up the crease and deepen it with more black eye shadow.
  • Outline the upper eyelids with your favorite eyeliner and apply tons of mascara, you can also use false eyelashes. I used white liner in my waterline for this look.
  • You can also highlight your brow bone, I skipped it for some reason but just tidied up using a concealer.


For this look I used:

  • Sleek Makeup i-Divine Ultra Matts V1
  • Maybelline Gel Liner
  • Lakme Eyeconic Eye Pencil in White
  • Lancôme Paris Defincil Mascara
  • All Brushes from Eco- tools
  • And lots of passion

I created this another look a ‘little less too loud’ with the Sleek Makeup Eye Palette and Maybelline Eye Palette…


The Maybelline Quad and the Sleek Palette I used from the websites


To get this look, please follow these instructions:

  • Dress your brows and prime your lids.
  • Use eye shadow no 1 from the Maybelline quad all over your eyelid.
  • Then use eye shadow no 2 in the crease and extending it inwards to make a V.
  • With a blending brush use eye shadow no 3 in the crease and blend outwards.
  • Outline the lower lash with eye shadow no 2 and put a green glitter with the help of glue.
  • I am obsessed with white eyeliner these days so I used it again in my waterline.
  • Put your favorite black eyeliner and mascara.

For this look I used the following products:

  • Maybelline Eye Quad Mythical Mermaid 202
  • Sleek Makeup i-Divine Eye Shadow Palette Snapshots 732
  • Rest same products as used in the above look
  • And lot of passion

On my lips

I outlined with a lip liner in Berry Bloom from Diana of London and filled with Revlon Protective Lip Tint in Pink Rose.

I had an awesome time creating these looks and hope you all like it too. Which one is your favourite? And what sort of look would you rather put on yourself?

Do you have any questions for me, I would love to reply. And usually I post my make up looks on Facebook and Instagram first so If you never want to miss a look you can also follow/join me there. Would love to catch up too.

Lots of Love



8 comments on “St Patrick Inspired Makeup

  1. pragya22
    March 20, 2014

    Both EOTD’s are really good Priyanka!!! way to go!!


  2. Jules
    March 20, 2014

    Girl, this is nothing like mine.. It’s much better! You have skills and I really love the colors you used together! Keep it up 🙂


      March 20, 2014

      Thank you sweetheart..I always love your blog and read it too..lots of love 😘😘


  3. tashasface
    March 22, 2014

    So pretty, I love them both but the first is my favourite with the intense gold glitter! You make me want to get back to getting creative with my make-up (which is the whole point of my blog!)


      March 25, 2014

      Thank you Tasha, your words are really kind, only inspires me more, I am really glad you like what I do :).


  4. dannadesigns
    March 23, 2014

    Absolutely gorgeous!


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Hi beauties, I don't have a makeup inspiration or something but I do have my makeup look I did yesterday for a fast we Indian women observe for our hubby. The day went really good and I was pretty happy with my makeup so decided to post it. These pics are not edited apart from the blur as I don't want you all to see my son's toy closet at the back 😆. But would you like to see a detailed look of this makeup? Hopefully I should be able to make up for some time to pull up a detailed post. Honestly guys still finding it so hard to keep up with my new job and family life, if you've been supporting me from sometime now, you know my story. So if you still love me as much, give me more time lovelies. I love you all so much for being so supportive all the time.
A closer look at the bow eyeliner, check original post for details, I have used eyeshadows by @bhcosmetics from 5th Edition Palette and @chichicosmeticsofficial liquid eyeliner, hope you all like it, more details on previous post please, love you all 😘😘
Hi Insta Fam, Today's look is inspired by @nikitahhx I instantly fell in love with cute bow eyeliner, and thought if putting a collage of this elegant and fun look. Eye shadows are by @bhcosmetics (details below) and @chichicosmeticsofficial eyeliner gave me a lot of ease and precision to work the bow , it is absolutely wearable and I suggest you wear it on one eye. The nails are from @chichicosmeticsofficial cosmetics by @naildecor and the lipstick by @chichicosmeticsofficial too (details below) , thought they paired stunningly with this. So would you wear it, I would 😉 Also got some details for you ☺ ➡️Eyeliner:Black is Black liquid Eyeliner @chichicosmeticsofficial ➡️Eye Shadows: Bh Cosmetics 120 color Eyeshadow Palette 5th Edition @bhcosmetics ➡️Waterline : NYX Jumbo Pencil in milk ➡️Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in Ebony @anastasiabeverlyhills ➡️Eye Primer: Milani Eyeshadow Primer ➡️Mascara: Lancôme Definicils 💄Lipstick: Chichi Viva la diva Valley Doll @chichicosmeticsofficial Also I am joining my working from tomorrow, so nervous, wish me luck guys. Hope you all have had a good weekend ☺️😘and wish you all a great week ahead. I might go in invisible mode again for a while lol but trust me I'll make up for it. 😍❤️😍❤️
Here is a close up of the look I just posted, details on the last post, it was inspired by @vegas_nay but seriously it's not possible for me to do that good. I did this on my bride and she looked stunning in it. Deets on previous post please @chichicosmeticsofficial @anastasiabeverlyhills
Hi lovelies, I don't know if you even noticed but I haven't posted in ages. If you care to know my why and read my long story please read below or else below are the details of this look I did on my catholic Asian bride(read below for more) the other day. I thought I should do it again and share with you all, this was pretty similar to what @vegas_nay did once, I am not as good as hers but well tried☺️ Details ➡️Eye Primer: Milani Eyeshadow Primer ➡️Eyeliner:Black is Black liquid Eyeliner @chichicosmeticsofficial ➡️Eye Shadows: Chichi Metallics Glamorous Eye Palettes @chichicosmeticsofficial Waterline : Chichi All night long eyeliner @chichicosmeticsofficial ➡️Mascara: Lancôme Definicils ➡️Glitter glue: ELF glitter glue @officialelfcosmetics ➡️Glitter: Unbranded My story and where I have been all this while: I have a big new to share with you all, I am going back to work after being a full time mommy for three years, yes my son is turning three this September, and I have decided to be a full time office lady now. So I was busy looking for jobs and also since it's winters here and my son has started to go to kindergarten more often, he is getting way too sick than I though. So I was juggling chores, comforting my boy, dealing with my cough, and finding job. LOL but this big break has really worked for me and I found a good job and joining from 1st September 😁. I am actually very excited but it also means I will only be posting once in a while, in my free time only on my weekly off. But this also means I will have a lot of money to but new makeup 😉. Hope you guys will still stay with me ☺️ I also did my first paid makeup job for a bride and two other guests attending the wedding. This look is the same as I did on my catholic Asian bride that day matching her Glitz N Glam theme. It was such an amazing experience for me, I truly loved it, if you want to see their feedback checkout the 'post by others' section on my FB page.
Here is the close up of my eyeballs inspired by @deisyperozzo_makeup , love her makeup, details on last post pls, brows by @anastasiabeverlyhills and eyeshadow a by @chichicosmeticsofficial ❤❤️❤️

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